Massage in Ascot, Bagshot, Bracknell, Camberley

I believe in the power of touch, and I believe in the power of massage.
It is my passion and my mission. I hope to share that mission with you.

Relieves pain and tension in the body

Massage is one of the single most effective and impactful healing solutions in the history of medicine

Improves quality of sleep

The body will send you messages through pain, and massage is typically the most natural way to answer the call

Improves recovery of injuries

We need to do more to listen to our body, and allow it the space and time to heal in whatever way necessary

Hello! I’m Michal

I have always been fascinated by the power of touch

Some of my earliest and happiest memories revolved around massage and healing physical contact. Even as child, I was able to observe the immediate impact that massage had on both myself and my loved ones. My journey into becoming a purveyor of physical healing began as a young boy, watching my father receive therapeutic massage. I was always amazed at how the body reacted when touched. Stress melts away. Endorphins release. Pain is reduced. Serotonin floods the brain. Truly, it is nothing short of miraculous.

The body should always be your guide

Reduces stress and fatigue

Central to Raynor Naturopathic Massage is an understanding of the human body as a receptacle of energy and pollutants, both of the interior and exterior variety. As one accumulates stress, trauma, or ailments, energy is stored within the body, causing physical disorders and emotional barriers.

Improves the quality of sleep

It is crucial to understand that the goal of Raynor Massage is to create life-long relaxation by promoting total body and spiritual wellness, not short-term massage sessions that are relaxing for a moment, but the benefits are lost the moment the massage ends.

Headache relief

 Raynor Massage also focuses on areas of the body that are often overlooked in boutique or relaxation massage providers, such as the head, hands, hips, feet, abdomen, and sacrum – areas notorious for energy blockage and sluggishness, the freeing of which can have an immediate impact on one’s health.

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Massage Therapist with a passion

My love for massage grew alongside me, with every passing year my passion for the art grew. I realized that I had a gift – a gift to help heal, relax, and restore others. In a world filled with pain, both physical and emotional, it became my solitary focus to identify and alleviate discomfort and hurt in others. At a young age, I became increasingly aware that I was put on this Earth as a healer, and my soul was only at its best when I was able to help another human-being in pain. The wave of satisfaction and happiness that washes over me whenever I see the pain, aches, and hurt dissipate from a client simply cannot be put into words.

Massage in Ascot, Bagshot, Bracknell, Camberley

Throughout my years, there has been one lesson above all that the Universe has re-emphasized frequently: The body should always be your guide. Humans, in general, tend to dismiss and ignore the warning signs of physical and emotional problems – resulting in exacerbated and intensified conditions further down the road. The human body is a fascinating machine – fine-tuned and hyper-aware of its condition at any given time. Unfortunately, the human mind is often at odds with the human body, leading to missed opportunities for healing and health. Of all the lessons I have been blessed with throughout my journey as a massage therapist, this is the most important of all. We need to do more to listen to our body, and allow it the space and time to heal in whatever way necessary. Massage is one of the single most effective and impactful healing solutions in the history of medicine. Those aches you feel? Massage can heal you. The anxiety in your mind? Massage can heal you. The pain in your foot? Massage can heal you. The body will send you messages through pain, and massage is typically the most natural way to answer the call. Don’t wait any longer – book your massage appointment now, wherever you are – Ascot, Bagshot, Bracknell, Camberley – I will come to you!

I have received an absolutely amazing whole body massage in Ascot from Michal, it was all very professional, yet he made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed. The fact that he can travel to his clients just adds to an overall experience as it takes away the fuss of a traveling and you can enjoy a professional massage without having to step outside your home. Can’t recommend enough!


I would like to thank you for very thorough and professional approach. Felt very well cared for. The atmosphere is quiet, peaceful and relaxing. Well recommended for naughty knotty muscles. And all this at your home environment. Make sure you book in advance. Best massage in Bagshot!


Fantastic! One of the most professional massage I’ve ever had - Definitely the best massage in Bracknell. Highly recommended!


What an amazing experience. The best massage in Camberley. I love the Raynor massage technique and Michal is a great professional. Thank you!


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